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You can still find them in plenty on ebay, though, and if they’re in good shape they’re holding their value well right al. "Carondelet Boathouse," Argus/Cosina STL with Argus Auto/Cintar f:2 / 55mm lens and fresh Kodak 200 film. BELL & HOWELL - parts B&H 703/935 Headliner Cube 16mm. REPLACEMENT BATTERY FOR ARGUS COSINA 706 ZOOM MOVIE FILM CAMERA. Upper left corner in view finder is darker.

At the bottom of the lens is a switch to toggle between manual and automatic mode. I figured this out by asking advice on the now defunct AceCamera forum (and receiving it from none other than Rick Oleson). Argus/Cosina 755 XL.

See more results. A mirror problem? Beautiful glass, strong shutter, the only real detriment besides the paint loss in spots is a pretty major ding by the wind lever that was preventing the frame counter from returning to zero. Picture making with the Argus C3, C4, A4: A working manual. Argus/Cosina 708 Lens: Cosinon reflex zoom 1,7 / 8 - 64 mm Manual / Auto Zoom Frame rates: 12, 18, 24 Remote control socket Cable release socket 4 X AA batteries Recently paid in eBay net auction: eBay 8/1999 Comments Reviews eBay Auctions. Foto Quelle and Porst who sold clouds full of East German junk also sold Cosina products under own banner. Argus C44/C44R Manuals. Then this version (ASA dial on top), which apparently itself came in several flavors.

I didn’t really have time to think about it, just shoot and hope. Argus Model C3 Manuals. Generally as you know if you have specks in your viewfinder it’s more trouble than it’s worth to clean and doesn’t affect picture quality anyway, but since I was there. Marking it will do no damage to the film itself? Argus buildings: Argus Inc. was a camera maker based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Listing of different Argus instruction manuals in PDF format; Books. If you ever plan to brave the wilderness and take a camera with you, the best bet is the Argus / Cosina STL 1000.

Kodak Argus Cosina Super 8 Movie Camera Model 706. I think it looks a bit amateur. You&39;ve demonstrated that the little camera can take great pics; I particularly like the "benches" image. Appears to have a small bend on the rim of the lense but does not effect viewing. · Pretty obviously a Cosina product, I&39;m not quite sure how the Argus name got into the act. Argus/Cosina 736. One of the small minority of cameras I didn’t purchase online, I got this one several years ago at the monthly photo swap in SF’s SOMA district (sponsored by the aforementioned Photo Supply).

More rugged than Praktica. It was the American company that popularized the modern cartridged 35mm film in the U. Camera is untested, but very clean, excluding some carrying case build up on bottom of handle. Long known as the classic student camera, the venerable K1000 is a world-class manual SLR that is worth now as much as it ever was and takes marvelous pictures. zooming ratio: 8x. The first camera of Argus, the Argus A. Solid all-metal mechanical SLR right in there with its contemporary Ricoh, Mamiya, Fujica and Yashica M42-mount SLRs in terms of features and quality. View & download of more than 668 Targus PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides.

Cosina Hi-Lite DL COSINA CT-1A: Cosina Hi-Lite DLR. Screen shots of super 8 or super 8 still blow ups are welcome. Argus Cosina Model 718 Super 8 Movie Camera w/ Manual.

My original detective work didn’t get all that far so I enlisted the help of the kind folks at the Argus Collectors’ Group. CANON - parts Pellix Demi / Demi S Canonet 1. Argus/Cosina 708. argus cosina model 706 manual The optional accessory shoe on this version of the STL 1000 (I’ve seen it on the silver model too) must be some kind of standard size, mine didn’t come with one so the one in the picture is the one from my Yashica J-7, which fit perfectly. lens: Cosinon f: 1. · Testing the vintage Argus Cosina 708 Super 8 Camera at the FPP Meet-Up in Ann Arbor, Mi. · A place to share moving image films made using super-8 mm film.

Argomania: A look at Argus cameras and the company that made them. It was to be part of a two-body outfit with my old friend the P30t, but in reality I’ve never taken them both anywhere at the same time, just alternated their use. An example that tells much: the leads for the sync terminals are not soldered to. .

Thanks for an interesting post. I’ve since gotten into the habit of setting the film speed immediately even argus cosina model 706 manual if I don’t have a battery in for the meter, and if I’m not sure if a camera has film I spin the wind knob clockwise a few turns to see if there’s any resistance. I’d say more about it but is there anyone who isn’t already familiar with it? 3v mercuric x and m sync terminals, optional accessory shoe fast wind lever helios-44m high-speed manual lens with a fixed focal length of 58mm aperture 2.

COMPUR / RETINA parts Retina 1b Retina 1A, 2A, 3C Compur Compur / Hasselblad. · Cosina is the Forest Gamp of cameras. They call themselves the ACG for short and have been unbelieveably helpful and informative whenever I’ve asked them a question. For or so you can get a stick-on holder for a film box back to go on the film door. tobroken1965 1,637 views. viewfinder information: aperture scale, over and under-exposure warning signal. Generally found with either a fast sharp Cosinon or ‘Argus Sekor’ normal lens depending on the date of manufacture. Strangely the switch turns itself off when the shutter is tripped, saving battery but requiring you to turn it on each time you need it.

Camera Craft Pub. 7 &92; F: 8-64 mm. ) there are multiple variations of the STL 1000, in three types: the first Petri-made model, the later Cosina-made model that is virtually the same as the Cosina Hi-Lite with the ASA dial on the front (suspiciously similar to the Ricoh Singlex) and the name “Argus” on the faceplate.

Had some grit in and around the lens mount like something may have spilled on it long ago, hard to say but it cleaned up nice. C’mon, you learned on one too, right? If someone knows how I could get one, please tell me. Carondelet is one of the larger parks in the city of St. , especially by its characteristically brick-shaped rangefinder cameras. viewfinder: single-lens reflex with adjustable eyepiece.

Screw mount (M42) will. Sadly Pentax stopped making them years ago, supposedly to be replaced by the ‘entry-level’ ZX-M, more of a successor to the P30t than the K1000. We provide free online pdf manuals for digital and film cameras: Argus : 21 75 A-Four Autronic C DC DCM - Argus Cosina : STL. Cosina CT 1 Super / 1G Cosina CT-1A / 1G Cosina CS-1. Otherwise it will happily meter the wall till the battery dies. Save argus cosina to get e-mail alerts and updates on. Now that I’ve some repair experience under my belt I went back and glued in some felt from a film canister and it’s like new (maybe better?

An other question: I dont know how to fix a new F:/stop, its onw of the reason I want the manual. Invest in a K-mount to screw-mount or T-mount adapter to take advantage of the many nice used lenses available. Back door release is a swing lever underneath the camera next to the battery compartment, not the ususal rewind-lever release. To fix it, I removed the top cap, cleaning as I went, and pounded the ding out as much as I could on my workbench with a dowel and a hammer. , San Francisco, 1954. MM6011/Argus Model C Manual.

Something to remember: there’s no ‘on’ switch for the meter, it just reads whatever’s in front of the lens, so make sure you LEAVE THE LENS CAP ON when you’re not using the camera. the argus 35mm guide the modern camera guide series Posted By EL James Public Library TEXT ID 6519bde5 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library i believe this is their first slr manufactured by mamiya in japan some of you will recognize it as a variant of the mamiya prismat which was also marketed as the tower 32a. Matic 1010, 1020, 1030: 1* ARGUS: Qty. 1015, 1016, 1017, 1036, 1037, Cosina 1038, 1039, STL Reflex: 1: CHINON.

They’re still spec-ing out the ‘lost years’ but here’s what we know so far: during theperiod Argus changed hands several times and somewhere along the way was cobranded with Cosina, well-known behind-the-scenes maker of camera equipment for other companies (including other camera companies) since the 60s. Hi guys, I just bought an Argus/Cosina model 708 but I dont have the owner manual argus cosina model 706 manual and I really want it! After 33 years of camera business, Argus was sold to the Sylvania company, and ceased camera production shortly after. Argus/Cosina 706 Electric Zoom Lens: 1,8 / 8 - 48 mm Auto Zoom Frame rates: 12,18,24 Manual / Auto Exposure 4 X AA batteries Comments Reviews eBay Auctions. zooming: auto and manual. Argus Model C-2 Instructions for Operating.

When I say manual I mean it, manual everything. GAMBINO, Henry J. Keep spare Argus Film Camera Batteries close by and never miss the perfect shot again with a wide variety of camera batteries and more from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Argus model 800 super 8mm movie camera - Duration: 10:02.

marketed in 1970-72. As is untested - with case and super 8 film. · Argus / Cosina STL 1000. Argus Mansfield : Argus: Argus Autronic 35 Argus CM2 Coupled Exposure Meter. Light meter in viewfinder uses LR44 or AG13 battery. Argus Cosina STL 1000 single lens reflex film camera is built like a tank (2 lbs. Most impressive feature: strong metal focal plane shutter like Praktica and Konica.

If you know a better eBay search, please edit this section and enter it between the tags. Film developing was at home with Caffenol, common simple safe ingredients. Argus C3 User Manual Argus Matchmatic C3 User Manual PDF Format, 1. Argus/Cosina 715* Argus/Cosina 718.

MM8388/Argus Cosina Manual. Argus/Cosina 735. · Manuals. 4Mb Courtesy ACG Member Tom Heckhaus Argus C3 Lens argus cosina model 706 manual Changing Manual Argus C3 Manuals Here is a list of all models of camera. Cosina made cameras and lenses for other Japanese high-end brands, evidently trusted by Nikon and alike. Nicer than some, in fact — rugged, well-designed and well-made, quite a bargain in my opinion. Match needle meter is operated by switch like on my TL-Super. The Voigtlander name had.

I should note at this point that having taken it apart allows me to say that this camera is solidly engineered on a par with Konica Autoreflex or K1000. . Graflex GRAFLEX 4x5 PRONTOR. Up for Sale Vintage 1970&39;s Argus / Cosina Model 706 Super Eight Cartridge Camera Insta Load, Electric Zoom Reflex Movie Camera Includes Case, Manual Look close at photos, minor wear shown, for it&39;s ag. These are quite well made cameras which were made for ARGUS by COSINA in Japan as part of their joint venture for several years making Super 8mm cameras, 35mm SLRs and other photo products.

Turns out the foam cushion for the mirror was gummy with age and at slow speeds would stick to the mirror, preventing it from flipping back into place. AVA Exposure Record Data Pocket Book.

Argus cosina model 706 manual

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